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How to Unsubscribe PIFRA if you don’t want Payslips? 2022

If you are no longer working in a government institution or you have left your job for some reason then you may find it annoying to get the emails from PIFRA. Or you may want to change your email for a salary slip account, whatever the reason the solution is to unsubscribe from PIFRA online.

But before you proceed to unsubscribe, you must know that PIFRA is a government of Pakistan’s official program for developing and managing financial matters. So with the help of this system, the government can send payslips to all employees at once all over Pakistan in no time. 

The whole program is developed for the wellness and convenience of workers, employees, teachers, doctors, and all government servants. Now you don’t need to bear the rush, burden, and struggle for getting the payslip, now your monthly payroll will be delivered to you in your email every month. 

Moreover, the procedure of getting registered with a PIFRA salary slip is very easy and you can also get the pension slip if you are a retired govt worker.

So let’s find out how you can get your unsubscription. 

Email at Unsubscribe@pifra.gov.pk

Basically, there are two methods that you can adopt to unsubscribe to the PIFRA. First I will continue with the email method where you need to email the PIFRA for an unsubscribe request. 

So why should you unsubscribe? Well, it’s up to you, if you don’t want to unsubscribe then keep it as it is. But if you are an employee who wants to change the email or don’t want to get the salary slip emails anymore then you have to unsubscribe PIFRA.

The process is very easy, just follow in my footsteps. 

  1. Open your internet browser like Google Chrome
  2. Now enter the following URL
  3. Fabs.gov.pk (It was Pifra.gove.pk but now govt has migrated it to the new domain name if you will enter the old URL it will automatically redirect to the new one)
  4. Now you will land on a page where you need to choose the option of salary slips
  5. Go to header menu “Services” it will show you a drop-down list of sub-menus
  6. Now click on payslips 
  7. You will go to the registration form web page
  8. Now you can unsubscribe PIFRA here

If you are facing issues on this web page then you can simply email them from your Gmail account.

  1. Open your Gmail ID
  2. Login
  3. Now email to Unsubsribe@pifra.gov.pk
  4. Enter your name, government code, and employee number and send with the other details like “ Please unsubscribe my email”

Now your email would be unsubscribed and you will not receive any email from PIFRA. Now you can re-apply with your new email as well.

Reply to your Questions about Unsubscribe the Payslips

We are working to improve our services as much as we can so you can get the golden information that will solve all your problems. We were getting hundreds of questions about how to unsubscribe from the PIFAR and I also tried to explain it in the comments. But maybe you are not getting the right information about this so that’s why the number of questions is increasing day by day.

Well, you don’t need to worry at all now as I have written an amazing post about how you can easily unsubscribe from PIFRA.

Now I want to explain in very simple words that there are two different procedures for unsubscription. Follow the method that suits you the most.

Procedure #1

In this method, you can visit the Official website of PIFRA, and then you have to fill the form for unsubscribing. This method is a bit hard and you may feel inconvenience as well.

Procedure #2

In this way, you can simply log in to your Gmail that you have used while subscribing and email PIFRA with your name, government code, employee number, phone number, and vendor number if you have.

And ask them to unsubscribe from your subscription.

Soon you will not receive an email from them and that’s all. 

Final Words

Do you see how easy it is easy to unsubscribe PIFRA? Well, this is a whole process that you are striving to know. It’s simple and quick as well. So next time whenever you want to cancel your subscription, just follow the two simple steps and you are all set to go.

Last updated: August 2022 by admin

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