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Get PIFRA Vendor Number Online for Bill Tracking & Exp 2022

You must be a Government of Pakistan employee and you are working in the sectors of government. So that’s why you are here and I will guide you on how you can get the PIFRA vendor number online for bill tracking.

But it is mandatory for you to register with PIFRA before you apply for the vendor number. If you are not familiar with PIFRA then it stands for Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing. It is a financial program that is run by the controller general of accounts Pakistan. 

The basic purpose of this program is to convey the payslips to all employees and maintain the financial system. So now it’s really very easy for government employees to check their monthly income online and check how much tax and other duties are added for this month.

So let’s check how you can get the vendor number.

Submit the Application Form of PIFRA Vendor Number

PIFRA Vendor Number

So if you are already registered with PIFRA then you can proceed to the vendor number. A vendor number is an allocated number for every government employee. 

How to get the number is explained below.

  1. Go to and check for the services option
  2. Once you find it, you will also a drop-down menu list as well
  3. On this drop-down menu list, there will be some options like payslip/pension slip, bill status tracking system, budget expenditure execution report, and vendor information. 
  4. Click on vendor information and you will redirect to the next page
  5. Now on the next page, your vendor number form will be there
  6. Fill the form with government code and CNIC number or STN code
  7. For government code, you should know that code you should put
  8. So here are the details of the codes
  9. F= Federal Government
  10. P= Punjab
  11. B= Balochistan
  12. S= Sindh
  13. N= Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  14. DGP= District Government Punjab

So now click on “Search” and your vendor information will be displayed below.

On the table, there will be the following details.

  1. Vendor Number
  2. Vendor Name 1
  3. Vendor Name 2
  4. CNIC no / STN

How to Register with PIFRA for Vendor Number & Payslip?

As I mentioned earlier that PIFRA is a program that is responsible for accurate financial matters. There is no space for mistakes as the whole program is controlled with computer software.

The name of the software is SEP and it is a German-based company that is developing management and calculating software. So this system is 100 percent accurate. 

If you are working in a government institute then you must be getting a payslip every month. But now you can not get the payslip from offices as the government of Pakistan has developed this system. 

And if you are looking for a PIFRA payslip then you need to register with it first. 

  1. Go to
  2. Now click on services which is a drop-down menu list
  3. Click on the payslip/pension slip menu option
  4. You will now redirect to the form page
  5. Now fill-up the form with the required details
  6. Enter government employee code
  7. Date of birth
  8. Phone number etc
  9. Now submit and your registration will be counted

Receive Salary Slip & PIFRA Vendor Information Online

This is very convenient that you can get anything related to PIFRA like payslip, vendor information, bill status, bill tracking, and position code. 

But the basic purpose of the PIFRA slip is to get the payslip online. When you are done with registration, your salary slip will continuously deliver to your email. You can check complete guide here.

  1. Open your internet browser and type
  2. Now login to your Gmail account that you have used for registration
  3. Now go to your Gmail inbox
  4. Search for “PIFRA Payslip/Salary Slip/Pension Slip”
  5. You will see all your emails that contain payslip for each month like, January, February, March, etc.
  6. Now open the email download your payroll
  7. If you are unable to find the slip it should be in your spam folder or box
  8. Now go to the spam folder and repeat the same process again
  9. If you are still not receiving the slips then you have some issues with your registration, just call the PIFRA or email at and ask for your salary slip

What if you are unable to get the Vendor Number?

If you are not getting the vendor number then you may not be registered with PIFRA or your information like email was not the same as you entered while registering.

So must be wondering how will you know that the information that you provided while registration was accurate or not? So the simple way to confirm your information is to re-apply for the PIFRA registration.

Go to and now go to the payslip section where you will find the registration form which you need to fill the same as you filled before.

So now submit the form and if you will see a message that “You already registered” then it means that your information was correct and if the registration continues so you need to do it again properly. 

This time, your registration will be accurate and you will soon get vendor number details. 


Thanks to SEP, the software that provides accurate results, and the government of Pakistan as well.  Now all government employees and workers can get their PIFRA vendor number online along with bill tracking and status. 

Keep in touch with us if you want to get the news and information about PIFRA and payslips.


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