PIFRA Pay Slip – Registration & Check your Payroll Online August 2022

It is to inform all government of Pakistan employees that now their pay slip will be sent into their Gmail account. So if you haven’t registered with PIFRA pay slip yet then get your registration today and receive your pay slip in your email account.

Make a PIFRA account and get all your payslips right in your email inbox. There is no need to wait in long queues for your payroll now.

Receive the Following PIFRA Pay Slips in Email

If you are new at PIFRA then you can get your all payslips now in your email. You just have to register with this program and you can get your payroll in your email easily.

Below are the months that you can get the salary slips.

  1. Pay Slip for the month of January 2021
  2. Pay Slip for the month of February 2021
  3. Pay Slip for the month of March 2021
  4. Pay Slip for the month of April 2021
  5. Pay Slip for the month of May 2021
  6. Pay Slip for the month of June 2021
  7. Pay Slip for the month of July 2021
  8. Pay Slip for the month of August 2021
  9. Pay Slip for the month of September 2021
  10. Pay Slip for the month of October 2021
  11. Pay Slip for the month of November 2021
  12. Pay Slip for the month of December 2021

How to get a PIFRA Salary Slip?

PIFRA Pay Slip

You must be a government employee if you want to get registered with PIFRA. Also, you need to fill the PIFRA registration form for getting the salary slip every month. So make sure that you are working in the government sector because if you are working in the private sector you can not apply for this program.

Only government employees are entitled to this pay slip service. 

Online Pay Slip Registration Process

If you are a government employee then you can proceed to the following PIFRA registration guide.

  1. Go to and then go to services and then payslip section
  2. Now fill the registration form and click on the submit button
  3. Now enter the email address that you want to receive the payslip
  4. And now submit the form and that’s it

Now your pay slips will be sent to your right in your Gmail account. 

What’s the Salary Slip Format of PIFRA?

In the PIFRA pay slip, there are the following details that are provided to you as a payment record. Your wage and all allowances are mentioned in the pay slip.

Below are the details and format of the salary slip.

  • Basic Pay
  • Home Rent Allowances %
  • Convery Allowances %
  • Medical Allowances
  • Adhoc Relief
  • Group Insurance
  • Income Tax
  • Gross Pay
  • Net Pay

So this is the format of the salary slip and you can track all of your expenses here.

Get Government Payslip Online

If you are not sure how to get a government payslip online then you can check it easily. 

  1. Open your internet browser
  2. Login to your Gmail email account
  3. Now check for the PIFRA salary slip
  4. If you are unable to find the slip then search it with “PIFRA payslip” and you will see all slips there
  5. If still not there, then go to your spam folder and search the same term again. Sometimes it goes into the spam folder

Only Gmail Account is Required for Pay Slip

If you are using any other type of email service providers like Yahoo or Hotmail etc, you can not register with PIFRA.

You need to sign up only with a Gmail account. 

Final Verdict

PIFRA pay slip is a convenient way to get your payment details and records online. There is no need to wait for your wage slip as you can get in from your email. 

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    1. Mere April 2021 sa pay slip nahi a rahe ha kindly send krain mera account Hussain a kulaks ha

    1. Ada koi Bata sakta h k Gmail me pay silip account kesy bataya jata h Gmail me banti h ya Kisi or jaga plz friends contect nbr 03142474041

  3. Mjhy employee service say mail ai hai

    “Leaving action performed (stopped salary) with effect 1 July 2022”

    Is ka kia matlab

  4. I m trying to get an excess for the registration form but all the time I m getting message ” pifra/ refused to connect ”
    Kindly tell me how to get an excess?

  5. AoA
    Sir ma pifra py register hon or apna e-maile address or password bool gia hon or ab mujy pay slip ni mil rhy kindly mujy mary call No. per masg kr den

    My Phone No. 03225031934
    Personal No. 30256616

  6. AoA
    Sir ma pifra py register hon or apna e-maile address or password bool gia hon or ab mujy pay slip ni mil rhy kindly mujy mary call No. per masg kr den

    My Phone No. 03153594709
    Personal No. 31786596

  7. Sir main Nay 22 March KO pifra say Rejasterion kraya lekin abi tak pay slip Gmail pa musoal nai Howa Kia waja ohskta hai Rehnamahi krdy

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