PIFRA DDO Budget Exp August 2022 – Government Employee Guide

PIFRA is a Government Institute for financial auditing. PIFRA is an abbreviation for Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing in Pakistan. The aim of this project is to improve the financial and auditing system. For this purpose, PIFRA has computerized the auditing and financial system completely. PIFRA DDO budget exp 2021 is part of this project.

DDO Budget expenditure stands for Drawing and Distributing Officers. In this budget, the government of Pakistan discloses all allowances for government employees. Which includes Doctors, Teachers, government office employees and army as well.

PIFRA DDO Budget Expenditure

PIFRA ddo budget expenditure stands for Drawing and Disbursing Officer. As I mentioned before, PIFRA’s main purpose is to improve and emphasize the auditing system of Pakistan. Government of Pakistan has announced that this project is complete in the cost of Rs.5533 million. In this budget expenditure, you will get all the details regarding your salary, your monthly allowances, which includes medical allowances, education allowances, and all other audits.

Benefits of PIFRA DDO Budget Exp

Pifra ddo budget features

If you are a government employee then you are going to avail a big facility by the government of Pakistan. PIFRA is not only announced budgets and expenditures but also it is giving the convenience of digital pay slip. Yes, if you are not aware of this project, then you should check my post on

PIFRA monthly Salary Slip Registration

Now gov. employees can get their pay slip in their email directly. You don’t need to go to the bank and gov. offices for this purpose.

You just need to register with PIFRA and that’s it. After successful registration, you will be qualified for receiving monthly salary slip via email.

You only will need a bunch of documents for PIFRA registration.

  1. ID CARD

Coming back to the benefits of PIFRA ddo budget, here we want to share some of its reliable features. if you are a government employee then you must avail of these freebies by the government of Pakistan. here are these benefits:

  • Travel Allowance
  • Home Rent Allowance
  • Medical Allowance
  • Special Allowance

Home Rent Allowance

Now all government employees can avail of a free allowance for home or house rents. The government of Pakistan will pay your house rents and you are free from any residential expenses. you can claim your home rent allowance at the end of the year.

Travel Allowance

Now you can reserve the advantage of being a government employee during your travels. PIFRA ddo budget exp serves all govt. employee a travel allowance, which is only in local cities. govt. will bear your travel expenses and you don’t need to take care of it.

Medical Allowance

This is the last most beneficial feature of the PIFRA ddo budget expenditure. government of Pakistan allowing a free medical allowance of Rs. 1250 per month and it is Rs. 15000 for every year.

Pifra ddo Budget exp Features

It will give you the following facilities

  • Get Updates of the Budget
  • Get all the latest expenses values
  • Know your monthly allowances
  • Get to know your annual Tax Value
  • Get your salary slip online

So these are the features and benefits of PIFRA ddo budget exp. If you are looking for more details about PIFRA, then don’t forget to read our other posts.


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  1. Dear Sir, I am registered with PIFRA for receiving my monthly salary slip but i haven’t received my slip last one year.


  2. how could we get the monthly expenditure under ddo cl 4294 ….we are having a huge problem regarding this …that bar as it used to be earlier is not appearing please guide

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