How to Get Salary Slip Online

How to Get Salary Slip Online? Complete Guide & Process August 2022

It is a very frequently asked question “how to get a salary slip online?” And on PIFRA we are here for your proper and detailed guide. There are many ways to get a payslip online however if you are asking for only a government salary slip then you can get the guide here.

Now you can download and check the PIFRA salary slip in your email box. There is only a simple registration process that you need to follow before you get your first payroll online. And here in this article, we are going to show you how you can get the payslip easily on the web page.

How to get Government Employee Salary Pay Slip Online?

How to Get Salary Slip Online

If you are a government employee then we have a simple and easy-to-follow guide for you. You just need to get the registration form and fill it with your details to make an account with PIFRA so you can get your salary payslip online.

Follow the easy steps below

  1. Visit the official website for salary slip registration
  2. Now go to the salary slip web page
  3. Once you get the salary slip webpage then go to the registration form
  4. Now start to fill the registration form online
  5. After filling the form, now submit it
  6. Now your registration is complete and you can get your salary slip easily

How PIFRA salary slip system works Online?

There is a system software called SAP and with the help of SAP software, PIFRA sends salaries and pensions online. The account general is responsible for delivering and maintaining the audit of all accounting systems. Sending salaries and funds requires a lot of security systems so there will be no place for mistakes.

One the start of every month, PIFRA delivers and issues the pay slips of all government employees like teachers, doctors, clerks, and many more. And the employee can check their email to check the salary slip online.


Now you know how to get a salary slip online so we hope you can now get your pay slip online without any issue. Just make sure that you are a government employee and you need to register with PIFRA in order to check and get the payroll on the web.

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      1. I am retired in FBR since 19=07=2021,but I received salary /pension to August -,2021,why pl reply Bilal 19619@

  1. My name is muhammad sharif kakwar aretired govt employee of sindh govt and is registered with pifra since1919 and regulaly receiving my slip monthly through my gmail but from march2021 im not receivng the same. Ur kindly requested to send the Monthly pension slip again. My personnel no is 10282080.Thanks

  2. Aoa sir i lost my gmail account nd password kindly tell me the procedure through which i can check my salarry slips at gmail

  3. Aoa sir i lost my gmail account nd password kindly tell me the procedure through which i can check my salarry slips at gmail

    1. Hello,
      I have changed my email address after blocking how can I update my new Gmail account.

  4. Dear Sir
    I am Registered with pifra for receiving my Pension slips but I haven’t received any slip. My PPO # 31686869.
    I have received only one mail after registration regarding Change of my Bank account on 23rd June 2021.
    Dr. Pervez Iqbal

  5. اسلام وعلیکم
    میری سیلری سلپ نہیں آ رہی پہلے آ تی تھی اب کافی عرصہ سے نہیں آ رہی
    براہ مہربانی اس کا کوئی حل کیجیے گا

  6. Sallam sir. I have registerd my Gmail id but i didnot recieve any monthly pay slip please let me know whare and how i can search my payslip in inbox

  7. Sir mojhe 5 mihne ki paysilp ki zarorat plz send krna
    Cnic 5150156451177
    Prs no 20093716
    Govt cod B
    Dade of barth 05/02/1984

  8. tell me whether my registration with pifra for pay slip on line is done properly or not and if yes then why i dont received any confirmation msg or email from pifra in this regard

  9. confirm whether i am registered in pifra for getting online salary slip or not if not then why and how i can get myself registered here and why my comments are not shown here

  10. Please send my not received salary slip of January 2022
    please send my salary slip of january 2022

  11. I have registered my gmail on pifra in last month but not received my payslip of this month right now

  12. Hope you are doing well
    Sir i did’t receive salry slip from january 2022 to till now. Would be kind request let me inform what is the issue ..?

  13. sir my name is ahsanuddin. working in marged districts as a computer operator from 19 may 2021. my nic is 42401-2001685-7 lower Dir my government slip no 977117 .i had regestered my email on pifra more than one time. but not recieved .plz solve my problem

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