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The purpose of creating this site is to guide and help Government employees of Pakistan in the process of getting register with the Government’s official WELFARE program which is PIFRA ( Project for the Improvement of Financial Reporting & Auditing (Pakistan). PIFRA is Pakistan’s Government project, which is formed to help and facilitate the government employees by bringing the finance and auditing system online

PIFRA (Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing (Pakistan).


Many Government employees of Pakistan don’t know how to get connected or registered with PIFRA. We provide the latest updates and guides to employees to becoming a part of this project.

We are very sincere with our visitors, so we provide as much information as we can to help out our visitors. we update our site from time to time. as we get any new update from the government, we at instance publish it on our site so you (visitors) can get maximum benefits from our site.

PIFRA is very big project that is being announced by government of Pakistan. the main purpose of this project is to improve the financial reporting and auditing system of Pakistan. Government is trying to put all financial and auditing systems online.

Thanks to Government of Pakistan who has gave such a beneficiary to its employees. but even though the Project is for the wellness of employees, some of them are finding its hard to how they can get registered with this beneficial program.

Here on this point, government has a lack of guidelines. they just launched their official website where you can get registration but no further details or even daily updates are present there.

And the hard task is, the even don’t know what to provide, and what to not to become a part of this project. PIFRA allows the government employees to get their monthly salary slips in their email inbox direct.

Before the announcement of this project, government employees need to strive to get their salary slip from the government. They had to stand up in long queues for hours. it was very hard to get a salary or even worst to get the pension slip. Thanks to government now you can get your monthly pay slips and pensions in your email, no need to stand in queues and no need to wait for it for hours.

We are doing our best in this site to explain and clarify the all instructions which are needed to become a part of PIFRA.

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You can contact us at support@pifra.pk